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Well this was just adorable! I love the art style, the story and the super cute ending (I only got the regular ending but it just made me melt!). Now that I've actually read the hints for the other endings I'll probably definitely aim to get them now haha!

For what is such a simple premise the game carries itself really well, and I got really invested in the two main characters, wondering how things would pan out. You've got a really neat little universe here, and I'd love to see more of it! I'll be playing the first Halloween Night game pretty soon for sure, this one has got me hooked!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a nice little early Halloween surprise =)


Wow, thanks lol

I really enjoyed this, though should have read the instructions before starting I continued to play it again to get to some of the other endings. I included it in a video I made of some of the submissions for the Ren'Py jam, I hope you don't mind. Good luck!


My pleasure, very cool game!

Your game is lovely