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This is an old-fashioned sound novel. 

One day, two college students find a cheap studio and move in. But from the first night, odd things happen in the room.
Odd odors and suspicious shadows.
What will happen to them?

There are 3 endings and more story-branches in the game. 

PS. 1: The stage of this game is Korea and, in Korea, there's a conscription system. So these 'army things' mentioned in the game is about this system. Normally young Koreans join the army in their early twenties.

PS.2: Chicken & Beer is very popular in Korea. You should try!

PS.3: Sorry about the click/skip issue. I made this game with Tyranobuilder and couldn't find the solution in the forum... If there's anyone who has the tip for it, please share with me. Thanks. 

Left Click: confirm/continue

Right Click: call menu

This game is made with Tyranobuilder.


※ 한국어 버전이 업로드 되었습니다. (win/mac)

이 게임은 '카마이타치의 밤'같은 옛날 스타일 사운드 노벨입니다. 

친구와 함께 새로운 자취방을 얻은 주인공이 그 방에서 겪게 되는 오싹한 사건을 플레이 해보세요.  


Title Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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Nice little game with some genuinely creepy moments. Wish there were more modern horror sound novels, they used to be quite big on the original PlayStation.



I really loved Kamaitachi no Yoru series... but Chun Soft doesn't make Sound Novel Games anymore...